So I’m writing this 15 minutes before boarding for my farthest journey to date. Literally from the gate at Schiphol, next to the so eager line of people waiting to board:

Oh the people waiting in line way before boarding even starts..
Starting with no expectations.

When 2017 I was filled with new energy and decided to invest most of my time in building the right foundation for my music career. At that time I couldn’t have imagined to become a festival headliner during a New Year’s Eve concert in Kathmandu, Nepal. Like of all places. But maybe that’s exactly why there, of all places, the biggest adventure of my career so far needs to happen.

Emirates flight EK150 to the first stop in Dubai.
What’s it going to look like?

I truly don’t know what to expect. I’m sharing the stage with HUGE artists from Nepal, from all styles of music. And I’m the closing act. That brings a massive responsibility; I’ll be the last artist on stage, having to perform distinctive enough from the other artists, yet making sure that the audience’s experience is flawless and set a positive tone for 2018. Oh, and I’m told that I’m the first Dutch DJ to play in Nepal on this scale.

No pressure.

This isn’t your average performance, and not many DJs are capable of fulfilling something of this scale. This isn’t a case of simply pushing play. So why am I the one ending up going there? And how is this performance coming together? I don’t know yet, and can’t really go in to that now as I have to get up and walk to my seat for the 14 hour journey ahead. I’ll keep you posted here with the full stories #BehindTheContent.

Mom & Dad joined me to the airport, how awesome!