Sup folks? It’s September and the summer is drawing to a close. In the next weekends the last summer festivals will take place around the globe. On the background, I see more fellow artists turning their heads towards Amsterdam Dance Event. And for good reason; if you didn’t knew, ADE is THE global gathering that defines the electronic music industry developments for the next year. Confirming venues for showcasing your brand. Scheduling meetings with promotors to plan 2019 gigs. Connecting with fellow artists for fun and collaboration. All essential for cultivating new creativity.

Amsterdam Dance Event 2018

To begin with, this year I will not be hosting an event in Amsterdam. Last year was the first time I brought my platform Nightfall | where we connect to ADE. While I had great fun with all my international music friends, I was too caught up in also leading 25+ activities at Dutch Design Week that took place the same week. People who know me, know I’m good at juggling many projects at the same time. Yet there’s the question; do I want to juggle?

This year I plan to do better and fortunately I’m not involved in any Dutch Design Week activities. However, some personal developments came up which prevent me from dedicating enough time to bring an own event to a success. Lesson learned: it’s OK to choose not to do something rather than trying to execute it half-assed and super stressed.

So what am I going to do during Amsterdam Dance Event? I’ll be in Amsterdam on October 20 and 21 to meet international friends from the music scene, and attend a few events. Also there’s a chance that, together with Bryan Isaac from NYC, I’ll play a set on a soon to confirm radio station exclusively for ADE 2018.

Please inbox for booking enquiries or when you have activities that we need to be at!

Latest mix:

Below is the set I did last month for 128Beats, the electronic music program on Barcelona City FM. This set got broadcasted online and on air in Barcelona and Ibiza. It’s perfect for your morning commute so play it often!