Let’s take a closer look at what really happens in the music and events industry. Nowadays an artist easily shows their work on social media and on stage. Yet what’s often neglected to mention is that many, many people are actually involved in making sure an audience can experience that music. With People of the Night I give folks from the different layers in the music and event industry a voice. Let’s hear from these superheroes why their work is instrumental for empowering the artists and events. To kick off these series, I’m beyond thrilled to welcome Simon Kellman, Global Head of Music at Dailymotion, as first person to share his experiences with us.

Name: Simon Kellman
Country: United States of America
Organization: Dailymotion.com
Role: Global Head of Music
Website: www.dailymotion.com
Years active in music/events: 20+ Years

How did you end up doing what you’re doing now?

I originally started as a DJ which led to working for a record label. From there I grew into business & strategy in the music industry.

Simon Kellman - Amsterdam Dance Event 2017
In October 2017 Simon visited Amsterdam to represent Dailymotion during a panel at Amsterdam Dance Event. Photo taken at NDSM Werf by Natalia Krasnodebska.
Why is your work instrumental for the music/event ecosystem? How does your work impact the performance of others?

I have been on the forefront of the digital revolution in music distribution and consumption. My role is connecting fans with artists and music via streaming platforms, download stores, and social media.

What do you do different from other individuals and/or organizations in your field of expertise?

My focus is on new and breaking artists in the music video space — there’s a lot of talent out there ready to be discovered.

What is the craziest situation you ended up in while at work?

Definitely managing the online video premieres of videos by Kanye West, Lady Gaga and Maroon 5 to name a few. 

What do you think is lacking in the current event/music ecosystem? Are you doing something to improve that?

I’m really missing proper exposure for new and breaking artists. I’d like to see independant artists get the ability to make a living from music. With my current role at Dailymotion, I’m working hard on improving both situations.

Besides music, Simon shares amazing photos of graffiti art he encounters on his travels. Photo taken in Berenkuil, Eindhoven.
To which project in 2018 are you looking forward to work on?

This year I’ll be working with Universal Music. Looking forward to distribute their videos worldwide!

Final question: who inspires you to keep improving and why?

All of the entrepreneurs and visionaries who are building the future of the music industry. The ecosystem thrives on their creativity so seeing folks push the boundaries really makes it all worth the effort.





As Global Head of Music for Dailymotion, Simon Kellman is responsible for music content acquisition, editorial direction, marketing and product advisory. An expert in ad-supported digital video streaming and premium music
video content, he has held key roles launching and building video networks for Sony Music, Condé Nast, Vevo, SFX Entertainment and Beatport. Simon has a big passion for graffiti art. Visit www.djcatnap.com or follow Simon on Twitter and Instagram to color up your social feeds with art from around the world.