A couple of weeks ago Heather wrote a #BehindTheContent exclusive heart-felt story about her love for Tech House. Heather and I met during last year’s Amsterdam Dance Event, while in the line to enter Panama for the Toolroom showcase. We instantly connected about what the industry needs and what the audience deserves. I felt I needed to give her a platform to share her vision. Since you weren’t there to hear our brainstorm while dancing, I’m hereby introducing you Heather Olsen as one of the People of the Night.

Name: Heather Olsen
Country: United States of America
Role: DJ / Owner / Event Coordinator / Jack of All Trades
Website: www.scarlettsessions.com
Years active in music/events: 6 Years

How did you end up doing what you’re doing now?

I started as a classically trained dancer, and missed being on stage or performing in some aspect. A friend of me is a DJ and when he was playing a gig in our hometown, I asked him what I needed to get started, ordered it and never looked back.

Heather Olsen - First Street Academy of Dance
Promotional shot for Heather’s dance school First Street Academy of Dance.
Why is your work instrumental for the music/event ecosystem? How does your work impact the performance of others?

I come from a very small town where country music and 80s cover bands rule the entire region. There is nothing what I love available in this area. It’s almost as I have been chosen to bring House and Techno to people who have never heard it. After 6 years of this pursuit, it looks like they’re finally getting it.

What do you do different from other individuals and/or organizations in your field of expertise?

I am an event planner in the professional beauty industry by day, dance studio owner by the evening, and DJ by the weekends. With this you can safely say I have planned it all, seen it all, and have done it all.

What is the craziest situation you ended up in while at work?

HA. Yeah sometimes things get crazy. I remember that an angry lesbian once threatened to beat me up after bar close, because I refused to play Beyonce for her girl’s birthday.

What do you think is lacking in the current event/music ecosystem? Are you doing something to improve that?

Dare I just say this – WOMEN. WOMEN ARE LACKING. I make a very conscious effort to stay kind, appreciative, and give back with every opportunity I get. There aren’t enough women in the industry. Sometimes we don’t get taken seriously, and I want to be a small piece of the catalyst that is going to change that.

As Event Manager, Dance School Owner and DJ, Heather is truly covering the multi-faceted world of events and music.
To which project in 2018 are you looking forward to work on?

Producing! I’m finally going to get my hands in this and see what it’s all about.

Final question: who inspires you to keep improving and why?

My students, my nephews, and anyone who thinks that they “can’t.”






As Event Manager, Dance School Owner and DJ, Heather Olsen is truly covering the multi-faceted world of events and music throughout day and night. She has some pretty bad-ass sets online on her Mixcloud page. If you’re based in the area of Milwaukee and Minneapolis, make sure to keep an eye on Heather’s work on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and of course keep reading her stories for #BehindTheContent