Rudy Lime Salutes

Almost 3 years ago I launched my podcast series “Salutes” while on my way to Miami to attend the Miami Music Week. Albeit a bit visionairy, I truly believe a DJ set is a journey. Back in the day I already focussed a lot on story telling yet I’m not sure if you got the broader picture of what I was really doing at the time. While I’m about to launch a new podcast series (which will come online soon), here’s a shout out for the podcast of which I’m really proud to have made.

There are multiple reasons why I feel the necessity to share my story. First of all, working as DJ is tougher than it seems. While you see the highlights on social media and easily believe it’s like that all the time, you don’t hear often enough about the networking that can take years to come to fruitation, unfair competition, and the pressure from the home front that you’re always on the move. Though meant to bring you along on my travels, the Salutes podcast was also a way for myself to document where I mentally was at that specific time. That’s also why some episodes are darker than the other. I learned a lot from curating for these podcast episodes and even now you hear this back in how I curate my live performances.

Here’s the brief note I included with the first episode back then:

Salutes Podcast episode 001 – The Journey.

I’m traveling more and more nowadays and even for me it’s becoming hard to keep up with where I’m going. To make that more memorable I’ve decided to share music with you while I’m in transit, so you can travel along with me. In this first episode I Salute you from a point where each trip starts – The Journey.


01 – Solomun – Cloud Dancer (Manuel Turs Syphon Drum Mix)
02 – Alex Niggeman Feat. Bon Homme – Sorrow (Deetron Remix)
03 – Maya Jane Coles – Simple Things
04 – Eelke Kleijn – Space Disco
05 – KPD & Dantiez Saunderson Feat. LaRea Starr – Place Called Home
06 – Hotspot & Komaroff – Raw
07 – Ferreck Dawn & Redondo – Something Else
08 – Metodi Hristov & Spencer K – Basic Tricks
09 – Astin – Dejected (Sidney Charles Remix)
10 – My Digital Enemy – Self Inflicted
11 – Headless Ghost – The Journey (NY Stomp Remix)
12 – Prok & Fitch – Raw Cut
13 – Mark Knight – Ironing Man

Traveling will always be an inspiration to me and I’ll keep exploring the world as much as I can. Make sure to follow me on Instagram for travel updates and don’t hesitate to ping me when you’re in the same area.