Having returned from Kathmandu a little more than a week ago, I haven’t been able to get rid of the travel virus. If you’re following me on Social Media, you may have already seen the mandatory Instagram stories and the Airport-to-Airport Facebook check-in. For it’s those social statuses while traveling that apparantly matter these days. But what is happening #BehindTheContent?

What you don’t see is the intent of the journey.

Last Saturday I just felt that I needed to be somewhere else to stimulate my creativity. I’ve just quit my job and am at a crossroad where I don’t really know what is next. I’m taking advantage of my freedom. On Saturday I booked my flights and today, just two days later, I’m in Barcelona. It’s that easy to say fuck it and do what you want. Yes, you’ll probably think that you can’t make a decision like that because of work or school, but really, life would be so much easier on you if you just dare to think in opportunities rather than obstacles. And that’s scary. Because we’ve been programmed from when we were kids on to always follow the socially accepted standard. Randomly stepping on a plane is not one of them. I hope making these kind of decisions for myself will inspire you to make more bold choices as well. For it actually is not that difficult.

On top of Sant Jordi Rock Palace where I wrote this blog.

So I’m in Barcelona. Now what?

My agenda is actually very unclear. And I like that, not knowing what I’ll exactly be doing. Because an open mind provides you the best opportunities. I am hoping to spend (studio)time with DJ friends Jamie Coins, Alex Preda and Piem, but yeah since I’m just randomly stopping by it’s only the question if they’re able to meet up. Also I’ll be on the lookout for venues and promotors to work with as DJ or to plan events (if you know someone I should talk to in Barcelona, let me know!). I’ll be in town until Thursday, so time for adventure! Closing my laptop now and going to find some beer and tapas. Ciao!