Debate Eindhoven Nightlife

March 14, 2018. A big day for the future of the Nightlife in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. On this day, a collective of local organizers, venue owners and residents invite members of the muncipality for a debate about the current regulations in Eindhoven. The outcome of this debate is significant for you: a healthy ecosystem in the nightlife determines how you get to experience your nights while going out. Since that’s your valued free time, you have a right to speak up. Let’s briefly look at what’s going to happen this Wednesday and how you can get involved.

Why a debate?

Right now, Eindhoven lacks a proper entity to help nurture diversity in the nightlife. Think of a faster process to get a permit for opening a pop-up venue in abandoned buildings. Or more flexibility in closing times for bars. Did I mention night clubs, that Eindhoven doesn’t have any?

To streamline these communications, creating a place where stakeholders from the muncipality, cultural influencers and audience come together and share their experiences is an essential first step. An in-person conversation gives much more awareness than online discussions do. On the 14th of March, these stakeholders gather in Designhuis Eindhoven and start the dialogue at 19:30. You can sign up to attend, though the venue is already expected to be full. Alteratively, there are screens outside the venue or you can watch along online (stay tuned for the link).

A thriving city needs guidance.

Siem Nozza. Photo courtesy of This Is Our House.
Siem Nozza, first Night Mayor of Eindhoven? Photo courtesy of This Is Our House.

Eindhoven profiles itself as a thriving city because of the technological developments at High Tech Campus and the Technical University. When defining thriving, you also have to look at providing enough excitement in the free time of the citizens. Cities as Berlin and Amsterdam installed a so-called Night Mayor, who is responsible for advocating and advising muncipality on cultural developments. That system only works when muncipality is ready to acknowledge, trust and listen to a Night Mayor.

Amongst the initiators of this debate is Siem Nozza, who has the potential of becoming Night Mayor of Eindhoven. He worked as Communications Manager at Extrema and brought many creative individuals together with DIT Festival. Throughout the years Siem heard many times why creative ideas just couldn’t flourish in Eindhoven. He decided it was enough and became a fierce advocate in protecting cultural developments.

Marching for Nightlife.

18 Septemberplein. Photo made on October 12.
18 Septemberplein, starting point for the 212 Pro O Test March.

You can help making noise before the debate starts. Join the 212 Pro O Test March on the 14th of March, starting at 18:00 on the 18 Septemberplein. This group marches towards Designhuis where the debate takes place. The march ends at the front door of the Designhuis, where you can hang around to watch the debate (in Dutch) on the provided screens. Find more details in the Facebook event and make sure to click that attend button.

Eindhoven is proclaimed as¬†worlds’ smartest region. The area holds the highest number of patent requests. Many expats from around the globe come to study or work here. Yet there’s more in life than working alone. Proper diversity in nightlife is a very important element in how you connect with a city — and its inhabitants — on social level. The local elections are coming up, and only two parties have ideas about nightlife mentioned in their plans. Speaking up right now is your chance to help determine how you get to spend your time in Eindhoven when you’re not working.¬†