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My new track Envoy is here! Check it out below:

The past weeks were crazy. Between being the Wedding Officiant for the marriage of two close friends to spending multiple days in Amsterdam for Amsterdam Dance Event, together with Bryan Isaac I also explored Dutch Design Week and we played at Complex (Maastricht). We ended the week in Paris dancing to Andrea Oliva and Pan-Pot, checking some tourist sights and saw the Picasso exhibition. Insane but good vibes everywhere, fully charged with creativity again!

It’s been too long ago already to write a full detailed story and I think the majority of us who visited ADE had enough impressions to process afterwards. Below is my set I played for Layzer at The Student Hotel during ADE, hope you enjoy it.

Rudy Lime LIVE at The Student Hotel West Amsterdam

Geplaatst door LAYZER op Zaterdag 20 oktober 2018