September wrap-up

Sup folks? It’s September and the summer is drawing to a close. In the next weekends the last summer festivals will take place around the globe. On the background, I see more fellow artists turning their heads towards Amsterdam Dance Event. And for good reason; if you didn’t knew, ADE is THE global gathering that..

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People of the Night: Damien Tilman from BLCKDMND Management.

Damien Tilman BLCKDMND Management

These days with ever expanding networks on social media and thousands of people on speed dial, you sometimes don’t realize who you’re connected with. One day while scrolling on LinkedIN, I stumbled across a post from Damien Tilman from BLCKDMND Management: he was looking for opportunities during last year’s Amsterdam Dance Event. I responded on..

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People of the Night: Heather Olsen from Scarlett Sessions.


A couple of weeks ago Heather wrote a #BehindTheContent exclusive heart-felt story about her love for Tech House. Heather and I met during last year’s Amsterdam Dance Event, while in the line to enter Panama for the Toolroom showcase. We instantly connected about what the industry needs and what the audience deserves. I felt I..

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People of the Night: Anne-Marijn Burgers from AMB Producties.

The last years I often got to work with Anne-Marijn Burgers, one of the most versatile event producers and project managers in the Dutch industry. Anne-Marijn (aka AMB Producties) works mostly behind the screens, from where she conducts her very diverse projects with her organization skills. You may not have heard from her before and..

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Last Saturday I decided to travel again.

Having returned from Kathmandu a little more than a week ago, I haven’t been able to get rid of the travel virus. If you’re following me on Social Media, you may have already seen the mandatory Instagram stories and the Airport-to-Airport Facebook check-in. For it’s those social statuses while traveling that apparantly matter these days…

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