Summer 2018 -

After April I took a break from the online DJ life. I just didn’t feel like writing on my website or posting a lot on social media (besides the Instagram stories, which I think are way more fun to do as they can be irrelevant, quirky and don’t need to generate likes…. Maybe stories are more “social”). What is important is that whatever you do, you need to have fun doing it, for the fun is infectious and the world needs that now more than ever.

Ever since my burn-out end of last year I’ve been recalibrating a lot, trying to understand why I’m doing all of the things that I do in music and events. And the answer is simple: I just love to share positive feelings, because positivity is what I want to see in the world. To me, creating the right vibe with an event or playing a high quality DJ set (or producing the right songs, more news on that later!) means I have the ability to create a positive experience — and memories — for the audience and for myself. I feel that artists who solely live online completely miss their goal of creating that experience, and are very focussed on pampering their (insecure) ego.

There, I’ve said it.

Enough with the rant, here’s what kept me busy since you’re on my website after all:

Sónar (Off) Week.

In June I traveled back to my favorite city in the world; Barcelona. For the second time I attended the Sónar Festival and the Sónar Off Week. This week is slowly but surely becoming very important in the international house music scene. It may even become more industry defining than ADE. Again so many people that I’ve met throughout the years gathered in Spain to host and attend showcases, and finish it off with the Sónar Festival. The festival was a bit disappointing this year to be honest (OK, the line up was filled with rad artists, but € 83,- entrance for one night??). I couldn’t help but notice the whole set-up and stages were exactly the same as last year. C’mon guys, it was your 25th Anniversary, I would’ve expected a bit more presence of that.

Looking at the showcases, which seem to become the essence of the week, I was lucky enough to attend the RoomFM, Suara Records, Mother Records and El Rouge showcases. What was even better was the little surprise appearance I made at the Lights of Gracia event, had a blast playing there! The best parts of weeks like these are the random encounters such as a funny taco story with Nitin Kalyan, or running into my friend Maribel who I met in Nepal 6 months ago. I can say that this week is definitely worth your time in 2019 if you’re a music or event professional, for I found a lot of inspiration here.

Guest mixes.

Back in April, Romanian techno collective AF:TER asked me to deliver a guestmix. In this set you hear a more obscure side of my musical taste. The set starts groovy, plunges in deep and pumping drums, then finishes off with an old, trippy track. Check it out below:

While this one has been around for some time and did really well on Mixcloud, there’s more stirring. I’ve been working on some other guestmixes but due time haven’t been able to finish them yet. Also there’s a third episode of Enter The Night coming up very soon, make sure to follow me on Soundcloud, Mixcloud or iTunes to hear it.

30th birthday, leveling up!

Yup, I reached the 1/3 milestone of life on June 30. Rather than throwing a huge party, I just wanted to hang with a handful of my closest friends and family. We chilled in my loft for the most of the day, and in small company we closed the night on my rooftop. Somehow there was even fireworks closeby, which completed the day. I couldn’t have had a better way to enter the next phase of my life, especially with all the messages from you all. It feels like the past three decades were just practice, and with all of that knowledge in my backpack, the time is here to truly live to my potential. I’m humbled, and I’m blessed.

Summer 2018.

As said earlier, I decided to slow things down the past months. I have consciously scheduled no gigs, because I want to be genuine in what I do and where I am. If I didn’t enjoy what I was doing, then how could I ever entertain an audience? Right now I’m embracing the responsibility as a curator of the night; for that’s the reason why a DJ is on stage after all. It’s time to look ahead again. If you plan events this year anywhere in the world and can use my expertise, just send a message to and let’s discuss the possibilities.

– Rudy Lime