2018, What’s the plan?

Eindhoven, January 2018

This is a great question. I’ve just returned from my journey to Nepal and, after a few sick days, I’m going to build upon the inspiration I got there. The beautiful environment, the infinite love that people share there, the stories I heard from less fortunate people. The last one is something I’ll dive deeper into in #BehindTheContent soon.

#BehindTheContent is the platform where I’ll publish my own thoughts and mostly talk about behind the screens experiences you normally don’t hear about. There will be amazing guest writers and I’ll also share music/DJ industry related articles. Good reads coming your way!

Besides showing what it takes to grow my career as DJ, what’s the plan for 2018? I’m hoping to work closely with mindlike folks from around the world to make music, tell stories, and focus on bringing unity and brotherhood back to the people. The world is too divided — a DJ’s responsibilty is to unify their audience and let them enjoy their time off. My mission is to take that feeling to a higher level, and everyone who wants to join that ride or has creative work available with that same purpose, please reach out to me.

– Rudy Lime