2017 RE-BOOT


WOA that was a long absence! So as you figured, I took a break in 2016.. I needed to re-calibrate what I want to work on, to understand what I like, to know where I want to be and so on. Last weekend I made a journey to one of the cities I fell in love with 10 years ago - Barcelona. There I met up with my friend Glauber Freitas, and we joined forces in his studio. Finally going back to making music myself after many years felt great - I really have to thank Glauber for persuading me to come visit him in Spain. During this trip I met so many cool new people, saw the beauty of the city again, and am starting to understand where I should go -- forward to unseen adventures with beautiful memories of the past backing me up. 2017 - I'm ready for you.

Back online!


Hey there! I didn't realize I haven't updated my site in such a long time. In the past year a lot of things changed. I have been travelling like crazy, visiting places as London, Madrid, New York, Miami and even Los Angeles. Earlier this year I launched a new podcast series "Salutes", in which I'll take you along on my travels. Since starting back in March, I'm thrilled to launch the 14th episode today! You can find it here: Rudy Lime Salutes #014 - The Wave Of Sound.


Looking forward to update you more regularly. In October I'll be in London and early November in New York City. In March next year I'm back in Miami for the Miami Music Week, drop me a line if you're in the area!

Long time no updates


Hi guys,

the past few months I haven't posted any updates here, time to break the silence.

This month some cool events are coming up. First, is the HOLI Fusion Festival in Eindhoven on the 23rd of August. I'll be playing at the RedBull chillout area.

Also, the 12th edition of Sultry Lounge is approaching. It will be held at Cocktailbar Mundial in Eindhoven.

Make sure to check out my latest Nightfall podcast episode, find it below, on Soundcloud or iTunes.

Cheers, Rudy Lime

Nightfall Podcast Episode 14-01


Hey there!

The newest episode of my podcast is online, check it now on Soundcloud, Mixcloud and iTunes. Enjoy!

Sultry Lounge #7 update


So on Thursday the 27th of March we already have the 7th edition of Sultry Lounge coming up. This time the Portoguese Santiago will play the opening set and Sammy Sticks will perform live on percussion.

Really looking forward as we've teamed up with EDM (Eindhoven Dance Motion) that weekend, don't forget to check on for all updates. 

Sultry Lounge #7


On the 27th of March the 7th edition of Sultry Lounge is held in Cocktailbar Mundial, Eindhoven (NL). More info about that soon!

Nightfall Podcast


As you have seen, I haven't released new episodes of my podcast for a while now. That doesn't mean that it's heading towards it's end!

I saw this quote a little while ago which basically says what's happening, so please note:

"Work hard in silence, let succes be your noise."

Sultry Lounge #6


On the 27th of February I played at Sultry Lounge #6 together with Marboo Alexander and singer Laszlo Gallo. Had a great night and I'm looking forward performing together soon again!

Sultry Lounge #5


Sultry Lounge #5

On the 30th of January we'll have the 5th edition of my own deephouse event "Sultry Lounge". It's held in Mundial, the best cocktailbar in Eindhoven (NL). The party starts at 10pm, be there for the best chillout! 

Wrapping up 2013


2013 is approaching it's end. This has been an amazing year, ranging from starting up my business to playing in other countries. From shooting new press pictures to these cool YouTube video's and even the iTunes release of my Nightfall podcast.

The next two days the 13-08 and 13-09 episodes will be re-released on my YouTube channel. On the 31st of December Nightfall 13-10 will finally see the light on all my media channels. Make sure you check out this year's finale episode, as it's promising to be again one worth listening to!

Still a little early but I would like to give you my best wishes for 2014. Enjoy the last days of this year, knowing next year will bring a fresh start, new adventures, and the best events to celebrate life! See you there!

Rudy Lime