Sup, March?

One thing I’m really passionate about is the People of the Night section in #BehindTheContent. I’m in music and events for over 13 years, and I had the chance to work in many different layers of the industry. Because of that I developed a birds-eye perspective and see the dynamics between all aspects needed to build an experience. I see that all the work behind the screens is very underestimated, not represented, and even worse — very unappreciated.  It’s time to broaden that horizon, so I’m talking with people who work in the shadows of music and events. This industry is far bigger than the fame of the artist — since that fame is only the icing of this whole cake. If you kept reading and haven’t clicked the link to learn about these great and powerful individuals mentioned above yet, here it is again. People of the Night.

Podcast time!

Enter The Night EP001 finally landed. And I have a lot to say about it. Read the full story here and press play below to deepdive in a musical journey from progressive to techno.

– Rudy Lime